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Weberon believes in nurturing communities for Customers, Partners, Vendors, and Employees. Utilizing the same solutions that we sell, we have integrated our company extranet is integrated with our intranet.

This enables our customers, partners, and vendors to access our extranet, through our website, and get the information that is relevant only to them, securely.

Weberon has 16 levels of security within our Intranet/Extranet architecture. Access to our Extranet is carefully controlled to enable each community member to be able to interact with Weberon effectively.

Members of the Weberon Business Community (WBC) can effectively communicate with Weberon either through the discussion forums, or the feedback form. Further, each community within Weberon can access the information that they need, securely.

Access to each community is by registration only. To join and be a part of our community, kindly complete our registration form
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