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- Restrictive Portal : Agents get a portal which restricts them to access only the resources that is required by them including access to specific websites, controlled by their supervisor.

- Customizable Dispositions : Agents disposition leads based on customized disposition states set by Supervisor.

- Dynamic Report Generation: Supervisors have the ability to generate flexible reports based on customer need.

- Log time spent by Agents : Agents Sign-In/Sign-Out including Move-Out/Move-in during coffee breaks, so that supervisors get an exact view of time spent by each agent on the job.

- Call-Backs remind agents : When agents disposition leads as 'Call-Back' and specifies the date/time to call-back, BSUITE reminds them to call back

- Online Policies : Agents have online access to company policies, outlining expected behaviour and leave policies within the company.
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