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Real-time communication and secure online collaboration is essential to compete in today's fast-paced corporate world. Secure Instant Messaging, Web-Conferencing, employee self service, enterprise contact management, lead/prospect management and Document Management are basic needs of most organizations. Keep track of all interactions with business contacts for good customer service. Send targeted messages to prospects and close sales faster. Build communities to further your cause. Giving your staff role-based access to this information, is critical in empowering each employee.

This need is best addressed by BSUITE -- a robust integrated suite of business applications with embedded workflow to streamline your business operations, providing a secure Intranet for corporate collaboration.

Weberon's BSUITE comes in the following flavors ...
BSUITE Intranet

  Corporate   Collaboration

BSUITE Mortgage

  Processing...   Streamlined

BSUITE CallCenter

  Agent   Productivity.

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